5 Life Hacks To Live A More Successful Life

If only we’d been given some kind of survival guide to get us through the struggles of day to day life. Things would be so much easier! As we’re sure you’ll agree, though, it’s simply a case of live and learn. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Through all of life’s pitfalls, though, there are many valuable lessons that can be learned and applied in real, practical ways. These lessons that will inevitably leave us better placed for the future and help us to live more successful and fulfilling lives. Whilst we’re often expected to be independent in absolutely every aspect of the word, it doesn’t hurt to take some advice every now and again, especially when it helps make your life that little bit easier.

Here at Money Mog, we’re all about giving a helping hand. That’s why we’ve compiled a brief list of lifehacks to help get you on track to becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Wade in, don’t dive

During our early years we’re more susceptible to pressure, especially when it comes to making decisions. More often than not, it’s a case of trying to run before you can walk. So, before you jump headfirst into any sort of commitment, it’s essential that you learn as much as you can from what you have at your disposal. Use the internet and those around you as valuable learning resources. After all, the more you know, the better equipped you will be to deal with things that get thrown at you along the way. Taking the time to brush up on the fundamentals of a given topic could prove to be very beneficial in both the short-term and long-term. Educating yourself about something from the ground up allows you to make rational decisions and address problems in the most efficient and logical fashion.

Be frugal

You’ve got to spend money to make money. It’s an age-old saying but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true. It’s important to keep your overheads to a minimum throughout your life, be it a business or just day to day life. By stripping things back to the bare minimum, you can keep unnecessary expenditure in check and keep more money in your pocket. Keep tabs on what you are spending and be that little bit more selective with your purchases. Life is only as expensive as you make it!


Stay healthy

By neglecting your health you’re inadvertently affecting your potential to make money. Think about it, all those late nights and unhealthy takeaway meals – it’s all going to come back to haunt you eventually! When you’re out of action, the last thing on your priority list is working. This means of course, that generating cash is put on the back burner, albeit temporarily. Fortunately, there are ways of counteracting things like this before they even happen. It’s important to make sure that you prioritise eating sensibly, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly. It’s also equally important to enjoy the odd spot of downtime (and no, we don’t mean spending hours staring at social media – this also isn’t doing much for your health or your eyesight!)  By prioritising your health and mental well-being from the very beginning, you’re giving yourself an advantage that you may not otherwise have had.

Keep pushing

Don’t give up. Despite how you feel at the time, failure can actually be a great thing. Failing is instrumental when it comes to learning about yourself and reevaluating how you approach a situation. Things may feel difficult for a while but it’s only every temporary. Everything is fluid and in a constant state of change – the good, the bad (and definitely the ugly), it’s all just a split second from a different reality. Keep looking to the horizon and always try to find the positives in any situation.

Be innovative

In any aspect of your life, being innovative can reap great rewards, financially or otherwise. Being innovative in the workplace for example can be a great way of gaining recognition and helping others find more practical solutions. Not only can being innovative help you gain the recognition you deserve, it’s also a fantastic way of standing out from the crowd and becoming a leader in your own respective field. By going against the grain, thinking outside the box and finding solutions in an innovative way, you’re opening yourself up to living by more efficient and effective means.

So whilst nobody can ever guarantee you an easy life, it is possible to get through life’s most unexpected twists and turns and still manage to come out on top. To paraphrase the great American Sportsperson Roger Crawford, “being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional”. Provided you give yourself the recognition and the care that you deserve, you’ll be a shoo-in for success!




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