Better together

Via Money Mog you can pool resources with other lots of other investors and lend directly to developers helping them to build houses whilst helping yourself to grow your funds and reach your financial goals sooner.

You must be aware that this is an investment, not a savings account. But if you are prepared to take more of a risk, you can earn significantly higher returns than with a savings account (average bank savings account was 1.18% in 2018*) or with a Cash ISA (Average rate Nov 2018: 1.29%**).

Let’s get started

Opening an account with us is easy too, but before you do you’ll need to take a simple test to show that you understand the risks involved. This test should only take a few minutes and is only applicable once the full investment site goes live and we are able to take payments, so watch this space. 

Opening a Money Mog account

It’s really easy and should take just a few minutes, but don’t forget to take our appropriateness test when the full investment site goes live.

Tax free investing

If you are a UK taxpayer it may make sense to choose the Innovative Finance ISA option so that your interest will be tax-free.

Take our appropriateness test

It’s a regulatory requirement that you pass this test to show that you understand the risks involved before we can allow you to invest. 

Top up your Money Mog account

Set up a monthly standing order for a minimum of £50. If you want to invest more money at any time, go to your personalised dashboard in settings and select the BANK function.

We diversify your investment

Once your money has been received it will automatically be spread across various property backed secured loans. You will be able to see what type of investments in your dashboard.

Interest paid out twice a year

Your interest will be paid automatically into your nominated bank account on a bi-annual basis each 30th October and 30th April or the next working day if this falls on a weekend or a bank holiday.

Want to withdraw your funds?

There is a 12-month minimum investment term. After one year, you can withdraw your money on 30 days’ notice subject to our standard terms and conditions.


Capital at risk and rates are not guaranteed. Investments are not covered by the FSCS. Please read our risk warning.